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About Us

ematsoft Inc. has provided the best Professional Engineering Services in the fields of vehicle infotainment systems, PDAs, etc.
based on its rich experience in the field of embedded software. In addition, by developing various solutions through multimedia technology,
we have provided products-specific optimal solutions to various companies. ematsoft Inc. promises to provide optimal solutions and
services specialized in the embedded field through ceaseless research and development.


2020. 10. Development and supply of Android Auto middleware for Linux to Digen Inc.
2019. 01. Developed and supplied vehicle AVN software to Tata Daewoo.
2019. 06. Developed and supplied vehicle AVN software to Ssangyong Motor's Korando.
2017. 01. Developed HD-DMB Decoder and acquired CAS certification.
           05. Developed and supplied AVN software for Ssangyong Motor's G4 Rexton vehicle
2015. 06. Developed and supplied 21.5-inch AV System software inside KIA-Carnival to KC Motors.
2015. 03. Developed and supplied AVN software for Ssangyong Motor’s Tivoli vehicle.
2014. 11. Developed and supplied PDA software to Catchwell Inc.
2013. 05. Vehicle AVN, Smart Audio software development and supply contract with Digen Inc.
2013. 05. Hyundai Motors European AVN BSP development contract and supply to LG Electronics
           08. Established a company-Research Institute 
2012. 03. Korea IDH (Design House) contract with Freescale for Windows CE BSP for i.MX6 Series.
2011. 05. Developed and supplied Multimedia Solution to Thinkware Inc.
           09. Developed and supplied TDMB / TPEG solution to CSR Inc.
2010. 08. Established Ematsoft Inc.

Company location

Address : 3rd Floor, SEOHEUNG Bldg, 4, Gomurae-Ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (zip: 06593)


e-mail :

Tel : 070-4048-0933